Activities and Field Trips for Spring

MAY 19, 2015 (Tuesday)
From 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
New Members – look for the pink table! We’d love to meet you personally and introduce you to other MArCH members!
All adults – We ask that you wear a name tag to help us differentiate between MArCH members and non-members at the park. Come to the pink table to get a name tag (adults only). If you would be available to host a new family, let the attendant know when you pick up your name tag. We have lots of new families this year who would love a warm greeting!
This park day is an open schedule. Come and enjoy a day of relaxation away from the books! Bring a blanket, chairs, pack a lunch and join your MArCH friends for a fun day in the park to celebrate the end of the year. Cake will be provided. There is a fountain area if the kids want to wear a modest swimsuit or shorts and a tee and get wet. If you are new to MArCH, this will be a good time to meet some folks. You are welcome to bring footballs, volleyballs, frisbees, etc.
Kris & Rick Ludwinski
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MArCH Graduating Class of 2015

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Honoring graduating seniors is no small affair at MArCH. Students are treated to many special events, including a senior dinner and graduation ceremony. Congratulations and blessings upon you, Class of 2015!

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