About MArCH

McKinney Area Christian Homeschoolers (MArCH) is a volunteer, non-profit homeschool organization, serving McKinney and the surrounding North Texas communities, where our first priorities are to glorify God and pursue godly character.

MArCH provides support meetings, newsletters, fall and spring co-op classes, clubs, field trips, activities, homeschool resources, fellowship, ministry opportunities, and venues for your children to present their accomplishments.

The object of this organization shall be to provide a Christ-centered support group for home educators. The goals of this organization are:
First and foremost, to glorify God and to pursue godly character;
To provide fellowship and support for home school families;
To provide positive socialization opportunities for our children via field trips, seasonal activities and co-operative learning;
To provide our member families with relevant information on home schooling and related issues;
To provide ministry opportunities to help develop a servant’s heart in our children;
To engage in such other activities as would not result in the loss of the tax-exempt status of the corporation, and to perform such other activities as are allowed under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), and other applicable laws.