MArCH Leadership

Description of MArCH Leadership:

MArCH is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation which is headed by a Board of Directors, under which several committees function. The first priorities of MArCH are to glorify God and to pursue godly character, and as MArCH leadership strives to carry out these goals, the Board of Directors oversees the business end of MArCH leadership. The board is composed of the following offices: President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors of Enrichment, Membership, Information Technologies, Communications and Activities. To handle the business of MArCH, the board meets on a monthly basis eight months per year and at special board meetings called throughout the year as necessary. At the April board meeting (typically held in the third week of the month), all MArCH general members are encouraged to attend. This meeting also serves as the annual general membership meeting of MArCH. At this meeting, general members can learn more about the business operations of MArCH as a whole. If you would like to learn more about what any of the MArCH board members do, click here to read their job descriptions as stated in the MArCH Bylaws (See Article VII, Sections 2-8).

Listed below is the Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 term:

Acting President (2017-2018): Steve and Jill Palomino (Steve Palomino email)

Acting Vice President: (2017-2018): Scott and Abigail Doust

Treasurer: David and Kelly Olszewski

Enrichment Director:  Todd and Lisa Hickman

Activities Director: Currently Vacant

Membership Director: Steve and Jill Palomino

Communications Director: Currently Vacant

Acting Director of Information Technology (2017-2018): Kevin and Barb Miller

MArCH Committee  

Enrichment Committee: The Enrichment Committee supervises, plans and carries out MArCH’s enrichment program, which offers fall and spring classes to students of all ages up through high school seniors. These classes include true enrichment, fun classes (such as arts and crafts, music and drama), as well as credit-type classes for middle school and high school students (such as science, math and language arts). Enrichment Committee volunteers head up all aspects of MArCH’s enrichment activities, such as class planning and scheduling, budgeting, finances, hospitality, weekly newsletters, volunteer staffing, facility tours, facility setup and cleanup, and interface with the church facility, among other important duties. The Enrichment Committee is headed by an Enrichment Director to whom all members of the committee ultimately report. This Enrichment Director is also a Board of Directors member and provides necessary, regular interface between the Enrichment Committee and the board. The Enrichment Committee is typically staffed by about ten MArCH members, who each devote countless hours both at the facility on enrichment class days and outside of enrichment to facilitate the smooth running of MArCH’s enrichment program.

Senior Committee: MArCH’s Senior Committee is generally comprised of three to four MArCH members, headed up by a Graduation/Senior Committee Director. This committee is tasked with supervising the planning and leading of all activities and duties connected with the high school senior year program. The Senior Committee also facilitates the junior “year of service” program, by which the high school juniors and their families serve the seniors in anticipation of their own “year of honor” as seniors. The senior year program involves a school-year long schedule of planned activities, culminating in a formal high school graduation ceremony in the late spring of each year.

Scholarship Committee: MArCH’s Scholarship Committee members serve on a short-term basis for several weeks each spring semester and are tasked with awarding MArCH Memorial Scholarships to two graduating seniors each year. This committee is made up of three MArCH members, on of which functions as the Committee Head. These three members work together each year to prepare necessary scholarship materials, to disseminate these to the senior class, to correspond with seniors and their families regarding the application process, to review the submitted applications and accompanying materials, to interview scholarship applicants, and to award the scholarships to the selected recipients. Committee membership operates on a rotating basis, such that each year the committee is staffed by a Chairman and a regular member who both have previous Scholarship Committee experience, along with one new committee member. The goal of this rotation procedure is to help retain yearly consistency in the scholarship award process, while at the same time bringing a fresh perspective each year to the awarding of the senior scholarships.

Nominating Committee: The MArCH Nominating Committee functions on an as-needed short-term basis to locate suitable MArCH member candidates for board of directors’ positions as they need to be filled. The committee is typically composed of four MArCH volunteer members, with the President of the board heading the committee. If the President wishes, the President may appoint a current board member to head the committee in his place. The members of this committee are selected and voted upon by the Board of Directors. The remaining three committee members work in tandem with the President in the board nominating process. The Nominating Committee typically meets on a short-term basis in the winter of the year, in anticipation of preparing a slate of board candidates for submission to the board early in a given year. The duties of this committee include identifying appropriate MArCH member candidates for open board positions, along with interfacing with these candidates and asking them to serve as board members in upcoming open positions, and then presenting a list of these candidates to the board by February or March of a given year. At that point, after a slate of nominees has been presented to the board, the Nominating Committee members’ duties have been completed for that election cycle.

Activities Committee: The MArCH Activities Committee functions as a short-term committee that works together once or twice per year (with a good deal of the legwork being conducted in the summer months). A small group of MArCH member volunteers assist the MArCH Activities Director in planning and carrying out field trips and other fun activities for the MArCH membership throughout the school year. Duties for members of this committee may include brainstorming ideas for various MArCH activities, researching of potential field trip locations and events, making contact with a variety of venues, contacting members regarding activities registration, and other such responsibilities.

If you have any interest in serving MArCH as a board member or as a member of one of the committees of MArCH, you have an opportunity to indicate that interest when you fill out your online application to join MArCH or to renew your MArCH membership.