Activities for Members

Thank you for your interest in MArCH Activities!  As homeschooling families, activities are important to us! For some families, MArCH activities are a way to connect with other homeschoolers.  For others, the field trips and events might be an opportunity to further your homeschooling education (often at a discounted rate).  And of course, MArCH activities provide a fun, much-needed break from the daily routine.



Field Trip invitations and updates are currently being sent to members via email. Please check for emails from our activities coordinator, Kim LaLonde,

How MArCH Activities work:

MArCH activities run during the school year from late August – May.  We do take a break from scheduled activities during June, July and early August to give our volunteers time off.  MArCH members learn about upcoming activities through email from MArCH News and also on our website.  We post all information about the events along with registration links on the website.  Sometimes we send facebook reminders, but this is not our main means of communication with members.

Regular MArCH events:

Park Days once a month

Lunch Out every six weeks

Mom’s Night Out every six weeks

Field Trips examples (typically we offer 2 per month):

-Productions at Dallas Children’s Theater

-The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

-The Christmas Carol

-Tours of Dunkin Donuts

-Collin County Courthouse

-Scottish Rite tour

-Grisham Farms

-Kid Mania

-Dallas World Aquarium

-Frisco Fire Safety Town

-Dallas Holocaust Museum

-Party at Stonebridge Beach Club

-Party at Finch Park

A quick word about the Wait List for field trips:

Please do not be intimidated by a wait list.  Many of our events fill up quickly, so a wait list often must be used.  But do not be discouraged if your name is on the wait list.  I make every effort I can to monitor the registrations and quickly contact people off the wait list when a spot becomes available.  On our upcoming ice cream tour (the September date), we had a long wait list.  But due to cancellations, everyone on the wait list has been offered the opportunity to attend!  So please go ahead and register for events even if you see they are full.   Don’t be discouraged by the Wait List because we try our best to make a spot for all who want to attend.  We can’t guarantee a spot, but we do try hard!

Activities for Older Students:

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is “what kind of activities does MArCH provide for middle school and high school students?”  We provide a variety of field trips and events that are wonderful opportunities for older students to build friendships and further their education. Often, older students are looking for even more ways to connect and engage with fellow homeschoolers.  That is why the main way we suggest older students get involved in MArCH is through our Enrichment Program.  Through this program, MArCH offers a wide variety of enrichment and credit classes, including course offerings in arts and crafts, language, history, science, math, music, drama, physical education, and other subjects. There is currently a wait list to join our enrichment program.  You can find out more about our Enrichment program here and our wait list here.

Outside of classes, our MArCH Student Council periodically sponsors activities for teenagers, such as movie nights and other get togethers that are open to all MArCH members.  Additionally, in the past few years, many high school parents have organized activities and outings on their own during the year (these are not specifically sponsored by MArCH).  These types of gatherings are advertised through MArCH group email as well as on our Facebook page.  As the need for more teenage connection grows, we know our MArCH parents will continue to step forward to fill that need.

Activities for Juniors and Seniors:

MArCH also offers a full-spectrum year of high school senior activities, along with a wonderful personalized graduation ceremony each spring.  Seniors can select among three levels of participation in this program for their senior year.  In support of the senior year program, MArCH high school juniors are eligible to take part in the “year of service, year of honor” program, whereby junior students and their families carry out service involvement in the activities of the senior students and their families.  This is all carried out with a goal of these students being served in their own senior year activities by the next year of high school juniors and their families.  This junior/senior year program is wonderful and offers many connection points for our MArCH students.

For Questions, Comments, or to join the Activities Team, contact Larissa McGee, activities coordinator,