Activities Policy


Thank you for helping MArCH Activities run smoothly and effectively for all of our volunteers and families!

All Sales Are Final:

There are no refunds on MArCH field trips and activities.  All sales are final, even in the case of illness.  You may sell or give your tickets to other MArCH members through MArCH Chat or Facebook.  If ticket sales/swaps occur, please update the Activities Director,, with the updated ticket information.

Additional Attendees at Field Trips & Activities:

Do not bring people to a field trip who are unregistered.  You may not pay at the door for extra guests. The majority of our trips have registration and payments finalized weeks before the event.  We cannot add to our trips last minute and the Activities Director or other Field Trip Leader is not equipped to handle payments or make change at the activity.  If you need extra tickets, please post on MArCH Chat or Facebook.  Let the Activities Director know about any ticket sales/swaps among members at

Guest Policy:

Our Activities Team works diligently to ensure that MArCH Members get deeply discounted field trips and activities.  We often arrange special tours and experiences that are not open to the general public or other school groups.  These opportunities are an exclusive benefit to MArCH membership and therefore, as a general rule, guests are not allowed to attend MArCH field trips or events.  We understand that there are occasions in which an exception needs to be made (unexpected visits from grandparents for instance) Please contact our Activities Director at with questions.

Unaccompanied Minors:

They are not permitted to attend MArCH field trips or MArCH sponsored activities.

Dress Code:

All field trips and MArCH sponsored activities are subject to MArCH dress code.  For water activities (such as splash pads and pool parties) we ask for members to exercise modesty in their choices of swimwear and active wear.

Field Trip Conduct:

Please remember that we are representing Christ, MArCH, and homeschooling whenever we attend an activity or event.  Please try to be a blessing to those we come in contact with.  A thank you note or letter from your student is a great way to show appreciation (and get in a little extra education!).