MArCH Enrichment is blessed to have an amazing drama department with a scope and sequence of classes that produce excellent productions every year. It’s a lot of work, but it’s even more fun!

What is the focus or goal of the department?

The focus and goal of the drama department is to develop the basic understanding of the theater and the process of creating character both on and off the stage. Life lessons are taught as we  encourage developing confidence in a safe environment. Students are required to work together in a team environment as they encourage others to great things.

Is there a scope or sequence or curriculum that is followed? What types of things are taught?

All Theater basic classes cover the same process: Tools of Acting: Face, Voice and Body, (each one is explored in its unique way) Pantomime, Improvisation,  quadrants of the stage, audition process, monologues, acting scenes and ultimately the participation in a performance. There may be prerequisite classes before students may participate in performances, so be sure to visit with the department head to select the right classes.

What is useful to know for a new family?

Memory work is required. In the basic classes, students are encouraged to participate; however, they are not forced. There is a certain level of understanding that needs to take place prior to consideration for the audition process. A student needs to show a joy for the process and a desire to participate. If that is not present in the class format a parent and the teachers may need to visit prior to a commitment for an audition.

For more information, contact Department Head Deanna Stone at DramaDir@marchgroup.org

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