We are so glad you are interested in MArCH (McKinney Area Christian Homeschoolers).

If you decide to become a member of MArCH, you are welcome to participate in any of our events and activities. We would love to support you on your homeschool journey! There are many events planned throughout the year for all MArCH members, including field trips, park play dates, seminars, a fantastic back-to-school party and an end of year party. If you have a high school student, you may be interested in participating in senior events and graduation.

As a member, you will be included in our email groups, and may also opt to join our growing Facebook group.

MArCH also offers an optional Enrichment Co-op program with classes for all ages. This vibrant program runs for 10 weeks in the fall and spring semesters. There is a waitlist.

Here are a few useful links if you are interested in:

Join MArCH

Participating in Enrichment Co-op

Visiting Enrichment
Sometimes family and friends want to visit Enrichment Co-op Classes. Please fill out a
visitor request form before you visit.

Visitor Request Form

Fire Safety Town

Grisham Farms