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MArCH, McKinney Area Christian Homeschooolers, is a homeschooling group that offers a variety of events and activities in which area homeschoolers can participate. The group offers two different levels of involvement, and each level has activities specific to that group.

Becoming a general member of MArCH is the first step. There are many benefits that come with this membership. General members have access to the variety of field trips that are offered. This access allows members to meet many area homeschool families and to enjoy fellowship among the homeschooling community. These field trips can also be used as a part of a member’s homeschooling curriculum. MArCH offers Moms’ Nights Out events that allow members to visit with other homeschooling moms and to share ideas and experiences and to be an encouragement to each other. Recently, MArCH has added Dual Credit classes as a benefit for its members. Now, general MArCH members are able to come to the co-op campus and to take high school classes that also count towards college credit. One of the more popular benefits of joining the MArCH group is the opportunity to participate in social events for families’ junior and senior high school students. These activities culminate in a formal graduation ceremony in the spring. This ceremony provides a wonderful chance to honor parents and students alike for the hard work, dedication, and commitment they have invested in their homeschooling journey. As a member of MArCH, you are welcome to participate in any of our events and activities; you will be included in our email groups and may also opt to join our vibrant Facebook group.

The second membership opportunity offered at MArCH is to join the Enrichment group. The Enrichment program is a co-op program that meets on Fridays from August to May. Enrichment offers a vast assortment of classes from pre-school up to high school. Classes are taught by parents and range from fun, crafty, elective classes to credit classes for members’ high schoolers. Enrichment allows members’ students the opportunity to experience classes taught by a variety of teachers who possess gifts in many academic areas. Members’ students can also learn how to meet deadlines and to function in a larger classroom setting. MArCH’s co-op might allow a member’s child to take a class that requires extensive materials for lab work, such as biology, which a member might not have at home. Most members who have joined Enrichment say that they enjoy the social atmosphere of like-minded families joining together to better their children’s homeschooling experience. As a member of Enrichment, a member also has the opportunity to participate in the field trips, social events, Dual Credit classes, and graduation ceremony that are offered to general MArCH members.

Enrichment is currently at capacity, but we encourage you to join the wait list. Find out more about:
wait list

The following describes the process for becoming a new member of MArCH or renewing your annual membership in MArCH. Be sure to read the documents in each of the steps below as you will be required to agree with or abide by statements in these documents when completing the membership application form.

MArCH reserves the sole right to deny membership to an applicant family based upon the discretion of the MArCH Board of Directors.

1 Read the Statement of Faith. You will be asked to agree and abide by the SOF in the membership application.
2 Read the MArCH Dress Code. You will be asked to abide by the MArCH Dress Code in the membership application.
3 Annual membership fee:

  • The annual membership fee is $26.00. Our membership year runs from May 15th of the current year until May 14th of the next year.
      • New Members joining between February and April receive a prorated fee of $10 for membership through May 15, and then must renew for the following year.
  • Please note that there are no refunds for MArCH annual membership fees absent extreme extenuating circumstances.  If you believe you are entitled to a refund of membership fees based on some type of serious extenuating circumstance, please contact our Membership Director, Carol Adkins, at
4 Fill out the online Membership Application then send a completed Medical Release Form to:
Scan then EMAIL TO:    You can email it fright from the scan app.
Info for iPhone Scanning App:   Scannable
Info for Android Scanning App:  Droid Scan Lite
Mail To:  MArCH    PO BOX 2825   McKinney, TX 75070
5 Our popular Enrichment Co-op has a wait list. But after becoming a MArCH member you are eligible to get on the wait list. Click on the ENRICHMENT CO-OP tab and then click on the WAIT LIST tab to begin the process of getting on the wait list.