Opportunities for Members

I am a general MArCH member and am on the waitlist for Enrichment.  What activities can I be involved in, what benefits do I derive, and what member connections can I make while I am waiting to get into MArCH Enrichment?  Or, if I don’t plan on joining MArCH Enrichment at all, what can I do as a general MArCH member?

Answer: We thought you’d never ask!  Click the links below and read about MArCH activities/opportunities/benefits…


Activities and Field Trips (additional cost)

Dual Credit Classes (additional cost)

Honor Society and Green Cord Program


Kick-Off the Year – Swim Party

In August, we hold a swim party for all MArCH members as a meet and greet. It is typically held at the Stonebridge Ranch Beach Club in McKinney.

End of the Year – Celebration Party

At the end of each school year, we hold a celebration party at a local park.

Student and Parent/Teacher ID Cards  (additional cost)

At the beginning of each school year, MArCH brings in a photographer to capture pictures of students and parents/teachers.  The cards cost a modest $4.50 each.  ID cards are good for use at bookstores and other educational outlets for discounts.   The IDs can also be used for student discounts at different venues, and they can be used when taking standardized exams, such as the PSAT, SAT or ACT, when your student doesn’t yet have a driver’s license.

Senior Year Activities and Graduation (additional cost)

MArCH members may participate in a year full of senior high school activities, as well as in a lovely graduation ceremony held in May of each year.  Graduation is really a 2-year experience that begins with the student’s junior year as he/she serves the current senior class.  More info can be found at: https://sites.google.com/site/marchseniors/home

MArCH Yearbook (additional cost)

MArCH provides the opportunity for students and parents to be in the yearbook, both through photos that are taken for your IDs and through photos you yourself submit.  Communication about the yearbook is done through MArCH News email where the coordinators solicit your pictures and information about your events to be included in the yearbook.

Seminars (additional cost – for materials)

Throughout the year, MArCH may host information and training seminars.  In the recent past, there have been seminars on Homeschooling Through High School (Heidi Orton), Graduation Requirements (Heidi Orton), and Creating a Plan for your Family (Scott & Abigail Doust).

Communication with other Members

We have lots of ways to do this, including:

MArCH Membership Directory (sent out via email to members each year)
MArCH News (messages go to all MArCH members)
MArCH Chat Email (post messages for other members — you can opt out of this group if you’d like)
MArCH FaceBook Group (second place to communicate with other members — you just accept the invitation to join this group)